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AppSwarm’s DOGE division calls for a global dev teams to build off Dogecoin

AppSwarm’s newly launched Dogecoin division, DogeLabs, wants to become a global Dogecoin player by uniting worldwide DevOps teams.

Here’s why Ethereum, AAVE, ALPHA are unfazed by Bitcoin’s latest ‘Elon candle’

Several altcoins managed to escape the Bitcoin Tesla FUD.

Vitalik Buterin says Uniswap should become an oracle token

“UNI is in an excellent position to be a token for such an oracle,” said Buterin, in reference to decentralized pricing oracles for stablecoins.

Bitcoin, altcoins and stocks drop as inflation fears impact investor confidence

Rising fears of inflation and big government spending rocked equities markets and possibly had a knock-on effect on Bitcoin and altcoin prices.

When all-time high? Bitcoin traders lose confidence as BTC price slumps

Bitcoin adoption continues to increase but derivatives data shows retail and professional traders are reluctant to build new bullish positions.

Dog day afternoon as Vitalik dumps multiple memecoins in the name of charity

Dog-themed tokens see an abrupt end to their rallies as Vitalik Buterin liquidates the positions he was gifted and donates the proceeds to charity.

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Central Bank of Bahrain and JPMorgan to work on digital currency settlement pilot

The Central Bank of Bahrain expects that its digital currency collaboration with JPMorgan and Bank ABC could extend to a CBDC. The government of Bahrain,...

Investment bank Cowen set to offer institutional-grade crypto custody

The 103-year-old bank wants to hold crypto for asset managers and hedge funds as Wall Street begins offering cryptocurrency products to institutional clients. Cowen Inc.,...

Unstoppable Domains’ .crypto websites now available via Brave browser

In contrast to traditional domains stored on behalf of users by custodians like Google Domains, .crypto domains are stored in crypto wallets. Major privacy-focused browser...

Blockchain sector drives female participation through funding and education

Blockchain companies are seeking out women-led teams for funding rounds to help close the financial gender gap, but will this suffice? While it’s encouraging to...

NFT game developer Animoca Brands completes capital raise at $1B valuation

NFT game developer Animoca Brands is claiming the status of crypto’s latest unicorn after raising almost $89 million at a $1-billion valuation. NFT-focussed game developer...

SoftBank founder hesitant on Bitcoin but says it ‘can’t be ignored’

SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son compares the popularity of Bitcoin to diamonds and bonds, but he still remains unsure about it. Tesla’s tag game with Bitcoin (BTC)...

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