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Here are 6 DEX tokens that have seen exponential growth in 2021

These DEX tokens are quietly accruing triple-digit gains as the total value locked in DeFi reaches new highs each week.

Increasing stock market volatility drags Bitcoin and altcoin prices lower

Growing concerns over rising U.S. Treasury yields are putting pressure on global financial markets and possibly dragging cryptocurrency prices lower.

Alpha Finance Lab rallies after integrating with Compound and Binance Smart Chain

Alpha Finance Lab’s recent integration with Binance Smart Chain and Compound Finance triggered an 85% rally in the protocol's ALPHA governance token.

Cardano is now a top-three cryptocurrency as ADA price soars 27% in 24 hours

Cardano is soaring, though ADA price still has a long way to go to beat its record high vs. Bitcoin.

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This bullish Bitcoin options strategy lets traders speculate on BTC price with less risk

Hate being liquidated? Here’s how traders use the Long Butterfly options strategy to generate profits with less downside risk. Historical data shows that it is...

Transaction batching protocol Furucombo suffers $14 million “evil contract” hack

The latest attack relied on user permissions granted to the protocol The latest “evil contract” exploit has netted an attacker over $14 million in stolen...

Economist warns of dystopia if ‘Bitcoin Aristocrats’ become reality

Critics of the digital currency have visions of the future every bit as silly as maximalists'. Not everyone is excited about hyperbitcoinization.  According to a...

Institutions and miners accumulating through Bitcoin chop; whales uncertain

Bitcoin in, and Bitcoin out: major players are deploying different strategies as BTC consolidates well under $58,400 highs. After a violent price reversal last week...

Is Bitcoin at risk of another drop below $40K in a historically corrective March?

Bitcoin is showing signs of weakness as February draws to a close. Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a corrective week as the price dropped from $58,000...

Moving beyond the crisis narrative: Crypto in a post-pandemic world

Over the last decade, crypto has weathered what feels like crisis after crisis. It’s time to think about what comes next. Everyone knows the story....

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Hashflare offers a unique option for mining with a low cost of entry as well as minimal risk and expense, which is opposite to traditional models of mining that involve procurement, maintenance and configuration of highly specialized hardware.