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3 reasons why Solana bounced harder than Bitcoin and Ethereum

The 14th largest cryptocurrency by market cap jumped by more than 55% after bottoming out at $20.14 on Tuesday.

‘Say something, Elon Musk!’ Dogecoin sheds $70B in market cap since SNL

DOGE is down 70% from its all-time highs as a trader reiterates that altcoins have "no bottom."

Polywhale Finance founders accused of rug pull amid abrupt shut down

The founders of the DeFi yield farm have allegedly redeemed over $1 million worth of tokens as the Treasury wallet was drained Monday.

Stablecoin inflows to exchanges dip as traders watch Bitcoin from the sidelines

Stablecoin inflows to exchanges tapered off as investors turned bearish on Bitcoin, but a surge in USDC minting could be a signal of upcoming regulation.

Price analysis 6/21: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, XRP, DOGE, DOT, UNI, BCH, LTC

Bitcoin and altcoins are reaching critical support levels, but instead of buying the dip, traders are waiting to see if any bullish signals emerge.

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SEC delays decision on Valkyrie Bitcoin ETF

Valkyrie Digital Assets filed with the SEC for listing its Bitcoin ETF on the New York Stock Exchange in January. The United States Securities and...

Chinese Bitcoin miners ‘not even in the mood to drink anymore’

Many Bitcoin miners in China are down with the blues as Beijing forces several operations to go offline. China, once home to about 65% of...

Bank of Israel steps up CBDC efforts with reported tests on Ethereum

The Bank of Israel has experimented with using Ethereum and nonfungible tokens for a pilot as part of its ongoing digital shekel research, a local...

Nasdaq Dubai rolls out trading for 3iQ’s Bitcoin Fund

3iQ launched its Bitcoin Fund trading on Nasdaq Dubai after receiving regulatory clearance for a dual listing in April. Canada’s largest digital asset investment fund...

Goldman Sachs reportedly started trading on JPMorgan’s repo blockchain

Goldman Sachs reportedly traded digitized treasury bonds for JPM Coin on JPMorgan Chase's Onyx blockchain platform. After six months of eyeing JPMorgan Chase’s custom blockchain...

Judge blocks sale of Jay-Z’s first album and its copyright as an NFT

Damon Dash has slammed the complaint against him from Roc-A-Fella Records, stating that he never minted an NFT and was only attempting to sell his...

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